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It has always been wanting to show the woman, but she is always outside when shy, mute all the time. Well, that was the position in During the warm weather was here, I suggested gallerygalore that there was a trip to the coast to spend a day relaxing and enjoyable. We went gallerygalore on a picnic and a few bevvys so we went to the east coast near Sutton -on -Sea, selected for that quiet moment. We rented a beach hut for the day and sat down. The day was very hot when we approached noon, and his wife decided to remove her shorts haircut to get some sea air in the legs. She took the range to reveal a nice pair of pants that were very close to revealing her crotch, because they have a very hairy pussy stickng hair out were the two parties. I do not know if you've noticed this yet or not, but I said nothing, I was enjoying the view. The cabin includes chairs and put them out of the cockpit for sunbathing. She was there in the book of reading glasses hand. I was pretendinghave a good look around, but turning to look at the furry mass on both sides of her panties. I thought it was so hot, especially when someone walked by and have a good view. Where is quiet, almost no one came, but after a while an old man of 60 years standing came to us walking his dog on a leash. My wife never noticed, he came to read his book, in part, but I looked and saw her legs further apart reveals more hair. My heart raced a little as the man approached, I must say something to her or just let it go and see what happens. I decided to say nothing. ' Nice Day', he said, as he approached, 'Yes ' i, as it is very close to us have said. ' You here for days or weeks later? ' He asked, 'Oh, just for the day' but then turned and saw me open the legs, eyes wide as he looked. 'Mmm, you get some good gallerygalore views from here are not, ' he said, while my wife. 'Yes, not bad right? ' I replied with a smile on my face. He rested his head on the edge of the book to greet him politely, he began to read again. She chose to stand up and ask our visitors to drink whenever you gallerygalore want. He agreed to have one and sat in another chair that I have for him. We sat chatting for a while and then my wife told me, please, sorry I have to finish my book. 'Oh, not me,' said the man, both of which saw her lay back on the couch. Somehow, over gallerygalore the underwear was smaller, so that when she lay down again, had shifted to one side, exposing some of her lips. WOW me and care for the old immediately. He was shuffling around his seat so he could get a better look. gallerygalore I had no idea what we're doing. The boy had a real stiffy, I would have shown it, but I know what would gallerygalore have been the answer. In any case, enjoy what we saw, until he finished his book. sat down and said, ' have another drink ? ' No, he told me to go ask my wife where I am. 'Well done, good to have ',' enjoy the rest of the day, 'he said as he began to walk. ' I hope you enjoy the view, 'he said, ' a lot ', said wondering out. A little later, my wife said, gallerygalore 'what views, which on ' ' Oh, we were facing the sea ', ' look at the animal world, it's amazing what views to get here '
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